The thigh’s not the limit for commercial chicken producers that are top of the pecking order on animal welfare and food safety In Ireland, we consider ourselves big steak people (great grass, great beef). We love to talk about our fondness for pork, too — the Superquinn sausage, now made for SuperValu, is practically a middle-class cult — and are justifiably proud of our naturally free-range lamb. And yet, like every other western country in the world, we eat more chicken than any other animal protein, consuming parts of 4m birds each week, according to Manor Farm in Co Cavan, one of the largest chicken processors in Ireland. That equates to 35kg of poultry — or 20 chickens a head — every year. It is a little more than our pork consumption, which is 34.6kg, according to Manor Farm figures, but dwarfs that of beef (22kg) and lamb (less… Get The International Pack for free for your first 30 days for unlimited Smartphone and Tablet access. Slaughterhouse Equipment, Poultry Farming Equipment – Toplea,