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ECG is one of the most widely used medical techniques for determining the patient's heart size, positioning of the heart chambers, heart rate, rhythm, damage to the muscles in the area besides effect of certain cardiac drugs. ECG electrodes are devices that are attached to the patient's skin on certain parts, generally the chest, arms and legs during the procedure. These electrodes detect electrical impulses generated when the heart beats. The ECG electrodes are connected to an  ECG machine  where the results can be seen, and condition determined accurately by the physicians.

It is clearly observed according to several surveys and studies that the heart health is suffering across regions, age and genders. This can be attributed to the transformed lifestyles, work pressure and stress, lack of physical exercise and unhealthy food habits. While the lifestyle cannot be changed to a great extent, people are increasingly becoming aware of the need to get themselves tested for their health at regular intervals, among which ECG occupies a significant position.

Developed and developing nations are more prone to the risk associated with heart health. It is for this reason that ECG electrodes market is growing at a rapid pace. Diagnostic centers and hospitals have also cropped up in great numbers, leading to more ECG procedures. Globally, the market is following an upward trend since the past decade and this is expected to continue into the future.

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ECG is a simple and quick procedure. It can be effortlessly carried out not only at hospitals but clinics as well. While the hospital segment has held the largest market share, the clinical segment is also growing at a rapid pace and expected to create history with CAGR. ECG electrodes are in demand from various segments, including the diagnostics, which are coming up at every nook and corner of cities and towns.

North America has held the largest market share in 2019 since there are increasing number of heart patients in this region. Medical advancements and awareness of the people in this regard are also fueling the ECG electrodes market. This is followed by Europe where there is a large percentage of aging population that need heart care among several other medical requirements. Heart health is also a major concern in countries such as India, China and Japan in the Asia-Pacific region where the lifestyle of the people has immensely changed, leading to enhanced heart health issues among both the old and the young.

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The industry trend is shifting to disposable ECG electrodes. These electrodes have transformed the way the medical procedure (ECG) is carried out. They are also reported to provide precise recordings, on the basis of which cardiologists can make perfect decisions. A lot of R & D is also being carried out to offer more functionalities with Disposable ECG electrodes.

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