Sovol is a Chinese manufacturer based in Shenzen, China previously producing printer accessories and filament. It recently set out to expand its product spectrum.

With its first printer, the SV01, Sovol is entering an already packed price segment. Can it hold up with the established players?

A recurring issue with fused deposition modelling (FDM) 3D printers is inconsistency in the print’s surface. The Sovol SV01 is equipped with two Z-axis stepper motor drivers, with dual lead screws. In combination with the printer’s sturdy aluminum frame, this should reduce vibrations, therefore ensure less Z-wobble and result in a smoother finish of prints. According to the manufacturer, the Sovol SV01 achieves a Z-axis accuracy of 0.001 mm.

Sovol deliberately left room for some DIY improvements. While in the printer’s vanilla state, the bed leveling has to be done manually by turning the knobs under the build plate. There’s a spot on the hot end to add a BL-Touch bed-leveling sensor – allowing the user to easily upgrade the printer if wanted.

As the FDM technology centers around heat, you want your printer to be capable of heating the bed quickly, as well as, maintain the temperature consistently throughout the print (especially for printing temperature-sensitive materials like ABS).

The Sovol SV01 is equipped with a Mean Well 24V that should have no problems of quickly heating the print bed to 110 °C. The certified power supply can also protect your printer from unexpected power surges.

The Sovol SV01 is said to be capable of handling a variety of materials. Aiding in this is a direct drive extruder, an arrangement that typically provides a more accurate extrusion and allows for faster retractions.

In addition, the SV1 is also equipped with a large hand-twist gear extrusion mechanism, making manual feeding easier.

Another – somewhat standard but useful – feature is a print bed with strong adhesion. The SV01 is equipped with an Ultrabase-like carbon crystal silicon glass platform. According to the manufacturer, this ensures a super flatness and an excellent bed adhesion, negating the need for glue or hairspray often required when printing on a regular glass print bed. This should also allow you to easily pop off the print once they have cooled to room temperature, even for huge models.

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