Beerhawk is currently offering up to 30% off their ‘PerfectDraft’ starter bundle, which contains a premium beer machine so you no longer have to leave the house to get a pint.

The price varies depending on which kegs and pint glasses you add to the bundle - but for the machine and a 6L keg of beer expect to pay around £200.

That may seem like a lot, but the bundle usually costs nearly £270 so you’re bagging yourself a good saving of £70, this Black Friday.

There are also over 35 beers available to try, and each comes in a real bar-grade metal keg (so you’ll really feel the part).

The machine has a proper bar tap, chills the beer down to 3 degrees, and keeps the beer fresh and carbonated up to 30 days - longer than any beer machine on the market, according to Beerhawk.

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An added bonus is that you’ll receive 100 ‘beer tokens’ when you return a keg, which you can then use to get free beer and other discounts.

Have a party coming up and fancy having a bit of fun? Have a go at pouring your own pint (it’s harder than it looks!)

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