LOS ANGELES, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ZURU further cements its mammoth-sized footprint with the debut of 5 Surprise Dino Strike.  The new series in the award-winning toymakers' sought-after 5 Surprise product line follows the dino-mite success of two other dinosaur-themed lines - ZURU SMASHERS Series 3 Dino and ZURU Robo Alive Attacking T-Rex.

Arriving in stores this month, 5 Surprise Dino Strike features the fun excitement of unwrapping, peeling and revealing mystery capsules. Children can unbox, build, collect, and battle a dinosaur character with custom accessories.  There are 13 different epic dinos to collect such as Pterosaur, Triceratops, Raptors and more, plus a super-rare golden fossil T-Rex.  Every Capsule includes a battling dino ready to be assembled, plus customizable accessories with interactive features including plasma rocks, ice and light bolt spear to allow kids to build and gear up each dino and level-up the battles. Available at Walmart initially, then going nationwide from January, 5 Surprise Dino Strike are for kids 4+ and available for a suggested retail price of $5.99.

The best-selling 5 Surprise brand, which includes 5 Surprise Mini Brands, 5 Surprise Unicorn Squad and the original 5 Surprise Mystery, has shipped over 17 million capsules around the globe since its debut last year. On TikTok, #MiniBrands has garnered over 200 million+ views.

"Based on the tremendous response we've witnessed to the 5 Surprise brand and our dinosaur-themed lines, we have no doubt the first dino-themed 5 Surprise capsules will be a favorite,"  said Renee Lee,  Global Marketing Director, ZURU. "We watch trends very closely, and all the signs pointed to Dinos being a popular theme for 2019. We moved quickly to align our product development and its paid off across our brand portfolio and we expect this trend to continue."

ZURU's dinosaur-based toy lines are retail and consumer favorites. Since its debut this year, ZURU has shipped over 10.9 million ZURU SMASHERS™ Series 3 Dino eggs worldwide. The new Dino theme and Epic Dino Egg has proven wildly popular, amassing over 12 million views on YouTube. ZURU Robo Alive the top brand for Youth Electronics is led by the best-selling ZURU Robo Alive Attacking T-Rex, which stomps and walks with genuine Dinosaur movement.

A robust marketing and PR campaign is currently underway for the 5 Surprise Dino Strike range, including TV advertising, digital, social media and influencer content.

ZURU is a disruptive and award-winning company that designs, manufactures and markets innovative toys and consumer products.  Inspired by kids and imaginative play, ZURU is one of the fastest-growing toy companies in the world and is known for their agility, creativity and new-age manufacturing techniques.  The company that started in New Zealand now employs more than 5,000 staff across 18 offices, produces 600,000 toys a day and distributes to most major retailers in over 120 countries.

ZURU has delighted millions of families all over the world with brands such as Bunch O Balloons™, X-Shot™, Rainbocorns™, Robo Alive™, Smashers™, 5 Surprise™ and Metal Machines™ as well as through partnerships with entertainment properties, including Nickelodeon, Disney, Universal Studios and DreamWorks. With a strong commitment to the community, ZURU supports Captivating International, local China orphanages and also student development programs in Asia and in New Zealand.  ZURU will continue to pave new ways for kids to play and focuses on reimagining what this looks like every day.

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For more info, visit www.zuru.com, and follow on Facebook @ZURUToys, Twitter @ZURUToys and Instagram @ZURU.toys.

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